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2020 Tournament of Champions Update

As TFONT prepares to host its second tournament this year on September 12/13, 2020 we have been asked by a number of out of Province teams about Nationals in 2020. in 2019 TFONT booked the Fletchers Fields in Markham in anticipation of hosting a 2020 Nationals. 

The pandemic has cast the 2020 National in doubt as we are not sure how many out of Province teams will commit to attending the tournament and financially we do not have the ability to provide the high-quality prizing that we have traditionally given to the Champions and Finalists. 

We have the capability to do a "Nationals Lite" on October 10, 11 & 12, 2020 but it will depend on the interest from out of Province. 

So we are asking you all that if your team is interested in coming to the 2020 "COVID Nationals" in Markham to send me an email. I will create a list and outline how the tournament will be run and if we have enough teams committed we will announce plans to move forward on September 15, 2020. If you are a keener you can also register for the Nationals on as well.

One of the reasons we are waiting to announce is that we need to see how the government of Ontario responds to the pandemic after schools open. We want to minimize the possibility that the government steps back to stage 2 and we have to cancel the Nationals. 

Again, please pass this onto the teams in your leagues and Provinces and we will see if we can gather for a "true" Nationals this year. It's all about the love of the game. 



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