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Return to Play - June 16, 2020

Cohort/Multi-league play restrictions - June 22, 2020

A week or so ago we asked AHS  for information regarding people playing in multiple leagues. Eg. Touch & Soccer, Touch & Flag etc.  Today we received their reply. 

Thank you for reaching out to BizConnect. We are receiving a large volume of inquiries and are working as quickly as possible to respond to them. My apologies for our delayed response.

The short answer to your question in “no”. Please review the relevant information here on cohort families and groups:

The Chief Medical Officer of Health recommends that large sports tournaments continue to be postponed. However, modified slo-pitch can resume using the cohort or “mini-league” concept.

A cohort could involve multiple teams playing each other to a maximum of 50 total participants. Game play between teams would need to be limited to teams within the same cohort or mini-league. For example, where teams typically have about 12-15 players, no more than 3-4 teams may play each other in a mini-league.

A mini-league, once formed, should stay together throughout Stage 2. An individual should only be a member of one sport or recreation cohort. For example, if you play slo-pitch during the week, you should not join a different cohort (even in the same sport) for weekend play. 

Teams in different cohorts or mini-leagues should not play each other during Stage 2. Cohorting teams should not travel outside of their municipality/region in Stage 2 of relaunch.

If an individual wishes to change cohorts, they should not participate in a new sports or recreation cohort activity for 14 days (this is the incubation period of the virus).

More information about these types of outdoor recreation activities can be found in the Guidance for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation document, which is available for download on the Government of Alberta's Guidance Documents page here:

Moreover, quick tracing and containment of outbreaks are critical as the province gradually relaunches the economy. The AB TraceTogether app will drastically speed up the current manual tracing process and help Albertans protect themselves, their loved ones and their community.  If you are interested in learning more about the AB TraceTogether app, or downloading it, visit .

Finally, we encourage you to bookmark this website: Information is updated frequently, so please refer to it for the most up-to-date information.

Thank You,

Biz Connect Team

Return to Play - June 16, 2020

An Executive meeting, was held on Monday, June 15, 2020 to discuss the Stage 2 - Return to Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation release from AHS, as well as guidelines from Football Alberta to determine how they will affect our league and our ability to play this season.

There will be a set of rules that everyone will have to follow when we play. Those are still being finalized and will be passed on to everyone and posted on the website to read as well as download once they are complete.

To give you a quick idea some of the items that will be implemented. 

                         - Spectators will have designated areas that they must remain in if they wish to watch games. They will not be allowed in the team bench areas.

                         - Spitting is not allowed. This is NOT a judgement call for the referees. Any spitting at the field will be penalized with an unsportsmanlike conduct (10-yards) for the first offense, then ejection for the second offense. Player Ejections will be subject to the rules as outlined in the Bylaws.

Again, a full list of guidelines, rules & how the games will operate will be posted & updated in the next week or so once they are finalized.

For now. Here are few of the details on how the league will be required to operate based on the AHS rules/guidelines:

                1. Divisions are limited to a maximum of 50 people. This includes, players, coaches, referees etc. 

                                    - Each division will be compromised of no less than 4 teams. 

                                    - Team rosters will be limited to a maximum of 11 players.

                 2. There will be NO multi-team play this season. Players will be limited to playing with one team in one division. 

                                    - Players cannot play on multiple teams in different divisions even if they play on the same night. 

                                    - Players cannot play or sub in another division with another team on a different night.

                                    - Subs if required, must come from within the same division. You cannot use a player(s) from another division even if they play on the same night.

                                    - Players from outside the league/non-roster players cannot be used as subs.

We understand this will affect many players & teams. But these are the rules we must follow for this season if we wish to play.

                 3. Barring any delays. The season will begin on Monday, July 6/2020 and will end in mid to late September depending on possible rainout cancellations/rescheduling etc. That should give us 9 games, plus playoffs.

                 4. Divisions 1, 2 & Women's will play on Mondays. Divisions 3 & 4 on Tuesday. Divisions 5 & 6 on Thursdays. Sunday games will also be schedule as daylight wanes in August and for rainout rescheduling etc. Same as in past years.

                 4. Players must attend & be rostered for 3 games to qualify for playoffs. Players may be added at halftime if a player comes late. But players will not get credit if they are not at the game prior to halftime. This includes injured or other players that are not playing but want to get rostered to help with playoff qualifications. (No Exceptions)

                 5. Fees for the season will be $1600.

                 6. A deposit of $300 will be required before June 24 to hold your team's spot. If we are required to cap the number of teams due to the restrictions noted above. Entries will be handled on a first come, first serve basis. The remainder of fees will be due no later than July 12, 2020.

                  7. I need rosters with a minimum of 7 (Maximum 11) players emailed to me by June 24 so that I can begin to sort out how our divisions will be set up.

                  8. Teams will still have to supply volunteer referees before or after game as per usual on the nights where there are 2 divisional games scheduled. I.e. 6:30 & 8:00pm. This will include Sundays when necessary. Single game nights will be handled by league officials. See point 9.

                  9. We are also looking for anyone that is interested in reffing. Due to the rules, we will have to assign non-playing referees to dedicated divisions, so they will not be able to ref on multiple nights. Playing refs are restricted to reffing in only the division that they play so they cannot provide assistance on other game nights. Basically, we need people to help with paid reffing to make this work.       

                10. All team captains will also be required to assist the league with several team related tasks. So be prepared for a little more work prior to & during the season. Details will be provided soon.

                     11. We are also looking for someone from each division to assist us with a number of week to week tasks that must be handled to allow us to proceed. Please let me know asap if you’d be interested in helping us out in this regard.